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Requently Asked Questions

Updated Feb. 14, 2021

What is RunePay?

RunePay is a webstore delivered as a SaaS (Software as a Service). Instead of taking sales, and giving you majority percentage, you provide us with either your email address, or api keys to process those payments. All money will go to you.

Is RunePay Free?

Absolutely! We also have optional premium packages if you need to add more than 10 products to your store. We will never limit how much you can make off your store under any circumstances. You make $30,000 a day? Good job, you're in the big leagues and we'll support you as long as you let us.

Is RunePay Safe?

Yes, it's completely safe. We only store information that we absolutely need. We in no way will ever share any of the information with any person, company, or otherwise. Your income and what you do is your own business, as it should be. As far as payment security, we provide some basic fraud filters to help you out, as well as the ability to ban certain emails or accounts from using your store.

Guide: PayPal Setup

To set up PayPal, you first need a Business Account (dw it's free)

  1. Log in to Paypal's Developer Portal
  2. Click the "Live" button at the very top. This will toggle over to your live credentials.
  3. Create a new app for your webstore.
  4. Copy the Client ID and keep it in a safe place for now. We'll need it in a sec.
  5. Scroll down to "Live App Settings" section and uncheck everything except "Accept Payments". This will ensure your key can't be used for anything other than taking payments.
  6. Click save at the bottom to finish.
  7. Return to your RunePay Dashboard, and put the Client ID you saved earlier into the "Live Client ID" in the PayPal Section.

Congrats, you should now be accepting PayPal!

Guide: Paypal Sandbox Setup

To set up PayPal, you first need a Business Account (dw it's free)

  1. Log in to Paypal's Developer Portal
  2. On the menu to the left, under the Sandbox section, click "Accounts"
  3. Click Create account" and a box should appear.
  4. Select "Personal" then click "Create" at the bottom.
  5. On the sandbox accounts page, click "View/edit" next to the one that was just made. (it wont have [default] next to it)
  6. Copy the email and password and store it somewhere safe. We'll need it later.
  7. Go back to "My Apps & Credentials", make sure you're still on "sandbox" at the top.
  8. Create a new app once again and name it something easy like "RunePay Sandbox", for example.
  9. Under "Sandbox Business Account" select the sandbox account you made and hit "Create App".
  10. Copy the Client ID and store it somewhere safe. Return to RunePay Dashboard and put the Client ID into the "Sandbox Client ID" in the paypal section.

Congrats, you now have sandbox testing!

When you enable sandbox in your dashboard, and checkout on your webstore, you will enter your sandbox account credentials instead of your normal paypal login. You should see "sandbox.paypal.com" in the url when enabled.